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Shamokin Cemetery Entrance



The Shamokin Cemetery has over 16,000 internments on a
  large hill that spans 20 acres. The Cemetery is divided into Large
  Blocks which are sub-divided into Ranges.  The Ranges are then
  divided into Lots. 


Please Note:


1 Maps of the cemetery show where each block is, however
  each range and lot are not the same on each block.


2 Burials annotated Single Grave are located at the left
  side of the cemetery behind the mausoleum in Block XI. 
  Unfortunately, Most of these graves are unmarked and there
  is no way of knowing exactly where a specific burial is


3 Burials annotated "G.A.R. Circle" are located south of
  the mausoleum in Block VIII. This Block is named for the
  Guard of the Army Republic, and is known today as the
  Soldier’s Ring.


4 Not every Burial has a headstone.  When searching for a
  relative or ancestor does not yield a result sometimes
  looking at marked lots nearby will help you locate a
  burial site.